Aerolite 4 Wheel Spinner Lightweight Suitcase Luggage, 75 cm, 105 Litre, Black, Set of 3

Aerolite 4 Wheel Spinner Lightweight Suitcase Luggage, 75 cm, 105 Litre, Black, Set of 3

  • World’s Lightest Piece of Luggage Take the strain out of Travelling with Lightweight, Easy Rolling Bag with Wheels
  • Designed to last Constructed from Hard-Wearing Lightweight 600 Jacquard Material
  • 21″ Dimensions: 47x35x20 Cm / 55×35.5×20 Cm (All Parts), Weight: 1.85Kg, Capacity: 33.00L
  • 26″ Dimensions: 66x41x25 Cm, Weight: 2.35Kg, Capacity: 68.00L
  • 29″ Dimensions: 75x47x30 Cm, Weight: 2.95Kg, Capacity: 105L

The Aerolite range is one of the world’s lightest luggage sets, helping thousands of travellers worldwide enjoy more of their travelling experience. Light enough for a child to lift with one finger, Aerolite help you spend less time worrying about weight restrictions, and more time enjoying your holidays – Say goodbye to excess baggage charges!

Hand Luggage Compatibility.

The 21″ models are compatible with all Cabin/Hand Luggage size restrictions, including Easyjet, Ryanair and BA. These are the ideal bags as they fit the size limit, but also take away any weight concerns you have too!


These come with an amazing 10 Year guarantee! See ‘About Us’ for more info

These are 4 Wheeled Suitcases, which allow you to spin your luggage, making them ideal for whizzing across airports.

A sturdy retractable grip handle is actioned by a push button which aids easy transporting thanks to the design, ensuring it can be pulled easily.

It’s made from a very tough, hard-wearing Jacquard material which will ensure your luggage will resist the rigours of travelling. It features reinforced corners which, unlike some lightweight luggage options, safe-guard the security of your contents.

The bag features two front-facing pockets which are fastened by a dual-zipfeature, so youll be able to safe-guard your contents by locking the two zips together!

Inside the bag, you’ll find luggage straps to hold your contents in place, and extra compartments to store possessions.

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